Pre - Lehman levels again!

29 Sep

Pre - Lehman levels again!

So DOW runs up 124 points on Monday to 9789.36

Does this mean we will hit 10,000 this week? Yesterday's run is being attributed to all the M& A news in tech and healthcare.

This is a sign that the companies are more optimistic about the economy and see value in the market. But does that translate into "value" for the investor as the acquirees in all this M&A are in focus only because they are cheap!

Fundamentals v Technicals: Lot of fund(hedge) managers who haven't been paid in a long time are trying to push the indices higher as we close this quarter ergo TREND seems to be on the upside

But VOLUMES are dwindling with every upwardly move so the word is "CAUTION". Also watch out for the employment nos this week.

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