Conditions Apply

the AQUISS koi

AQUISS Investments P/l uses various 3rd party services for execution (buying and selling) of various instruments.

AQUISS is contractually liable to pay a fee for these services and we make sure that these costs are the lowest comparable in the industry.

AQUISS does not retain any or part of the above stated fees for itself. These transaction costs are added to the net value of a trade executed.

AQUISS only charge a performance fee on profitable trades. This amount is calculated as a percentile of the net dollar value of the closing trade.

A schedule for various services and charges can be found in our Financial Services Guide

Performance fee


Initial investment per trade = $25,000
Brokerage charged on Equity transaction by 3rd party = $20.00
Opening trade value = $25,020
Trade value (at a return of 5%) = $25,000 * 0.005
  = $26,250
Brokerage charged by 3rd party on closing trade = $20.00
Return after 3rd party brokerage = $1250 - $40
  = $1,210.00
AQUISS Performance fee @ 20% *** = $1,210 * 0.2
  = $242.00
Net return for client = $968
  = 3.87%

the AQUISS koi