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We know as traders that taking a few losses can do a lot of damage to not only your trading equity but more importantly your mental equity as well. After a few bad trades, you start doubting your analysis, make more mistakes and losses start to mount up. In this day of information overload, it’s very easy to get confused, overanalyse and get emotional (elation or fear) even before you enter a trade. We have seen a lot of traders lose it all in this game with one common theme amongst them- they all want ‘’certainty”. Certainty about their decision to enter the trade, which comes from sound reasoning after you have removed all emotions.

But let’s be honest here. It’s impossible to remove all emotions when it’s your own skin ($$) in the game.This is where
SMARTS come in. The team at AQUISS follows its own rigorous trading rules, cut through the noise (bullshit) and arrive at sound reasoning for entering a trade. We understand that markets can remain irrational a lot longer than we can stay solvent! It is this acceptance that allows us to attenuate all emotions and commit to trades with confidence and deliver them to you as SMARTS.

What are SMARTS?

Clear, precise and actionable trades, not just trading ideas, which you receive before we execute. SMARTS are trade alerts that are sent out via email and/or SMS when our trading desk is ready to pull the trigger as market conditions prime.

Why are they different ?

When you go out looking for trade ideas, you will find industry professionals promising to deliver trade alerts using stock market mechanisms and algorithms that would have even those guys at NASA confused.  We hate confusion and like to keep things simple. Carefully monitoring the ebb and flow of markets, we extrapolate a trend and execute trades to profit from this trend. Simple! – Exactly the principle behind SMARTS.

  Jan - Mar 2013

   Category                 Trade  Opening level   Opening Date  Closing Level   Closing date             Return          
Forex Long NZD/JPY   64.66  05 Dec 78.82    OPEN       + 1416 pips
Forex Long AUD/JPY   82.66       12 Dec   98.09    OPEN       + 1543 pips
Commodities Short Gold Apr 13   1616 18 Feb    1566    21 Feb         + 3.09%
Forex Short EUR/GBP
        0.8565 05 Feb         0.8626    05 Feb       - 61 pips
Commodities  Long Copper Mar 13    3.70 18 Feb    3.61    21 Feb       - 2.43 %
 Updated monthly : For sake of accuracy and consistency in measuring performance, we report returns only on    trades closed in the specific month /quarter.

* Leveraged  

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What‘s in my “SMARTS”?

You will receive all specifics that makes a “SMART” i.e. instrument type, long/short, opening level, stop loss level, etc. You also receive regular updates about the position when:

• we add to our position
• we move the stop loss level
• we partially or fully close a position etc.

AQUISS SMARTS Sample 1            AQUISS SMARTS Sample 2

The extent of detail** is what makes SMARTS so practical and executable.

How do I receive my SMARTS?

You have a choice of receiving these alerts via email, text messages or both.

What will it cost?

             Subscription Type             Monthly         Quarterly                 
        $ 660.00 $ 1,584.00 (Save 20%)
   Institutional (< 10 users license)
            $ 2200.00 $ 5,280.00 (Save 20%)
        Institutional (10+ users)
     POA     POA
Prices are in AUD and G.S.T inclusive

Multiple user institutional license includes all distribution and monitoring up to an agreed list of named readers.

For a limited time, every individual subscription will get first 30 days for a special price of only $199.

That's 70% off normal monthly susbscription price!!

If you're not satisfied, simply call 1300 278 477 or email us at to cancel your subscription anytime. 

How do I subscribe?

Please click on the appropriate link below to open your secure subscription form



**We have had people ask us as to why we break it down so much?
    Our response: Well, we like to take the guesswork out of every aspect.
  duh! We may as well call em' DUMBS!

These alerts are published by AQUISS with information about markets, industries, sectors and investments in which it believes subscribers may be interested. The information in this communication is not intended to be personalised recommendations to buy, hold or sell investments. AQUISS is not licensed to offer personalized trading or investment advice. The information, statements, views and opinions included in this publication are based on sources (both internal and external sources) considered to be reliable, but no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to their accuracy, completeness or correctness. Such information, statements, views and opinions are expressed as of the date of publication, are subject to change without further notice and do not constitute a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any investment referenced in the publication. SUBSCRIBERS SHOULD VERIFY ALL CLAIMS AND DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH BEFORE INVESTING / ACTING ON THESE TRADE ALERTS. INVESTING IN SECURITIES, FOREIGN EXCHANGE AND OTHER INVESTMENTS, SUCH AS OPTIONS AND FUTURES, IS SPECULATIVE AND CARRIES A HIGH DEGREE OF RISK. SUBSCRIBERS MAY LOSE MONEY TRADING AND INVESTING IN SUCH INVESTMENTS.

a top-down image of a golden Japanese Koi fish