the AQUISS Koi

We at AQUISS believe that every trader deserves a template drawn form the experiences of the best and brightest in the industry.

The AQUISS touch:

Whether you are new to this complex world of capital markets or an experienced trader, we make the entire process of day trading easy to understand. AQUISS delivers exceptional service with our team available to answer all your queries, anytime. With access to markets worldwide, using the latest technology we deliver SMARTS to our subscibers. 

Global markets are recovering from the biggest financial crisis which challenged even the conventional principles of investing. Execution of dynamic investment ideas with astute timing and the ability to liquidate and realize profits is the key  and our forte'. 

AQUISS earns your trust with keeping its propeiratry trading book completely transparent. You are able to get answers to all question regarding a trade which are executed by our experienced traders usning our own funds. WE DO NOT TRADE MONEY ON BEAHLF ANY 3rd PARTIES. AQUISS DOES NOT HAVE ANY CLIENTS. We are a PROPERITARY TRADING DESK.
We don't make money unless you do*

^Average transaction feesa on a $100,000 trading account can be up to $13,000 per annum. This number can further vary depending on type of advisory service used. Technically this is a 13% loading. This is even before taking into account any returns on that portfolio. An trader makes a profit if his returns are in excess of this transaction cost. On the other hand the trader makes a loss if the returns are less than or even equalb to the transaction costs.


a: Includes brokerage, exchange fees , exercise loading etc.
b: Opportunity cost of interest earned on $100k.